Family Time Is So Important

There is not an investment wiser than spending quality time with family.

My son recently got married and being able to be a part of that is something that nothing can replace.

In order to do this you need to create the correct work life balance. That’s the hard bit to get right! Letting go and delegating is never easy, but here at Virtual PA we try to make this as painless as possible.

It begins with a detailed brief in order to get to know your team and what is expected from each other.

Ongoing communication is key especially in the early days.

Once confidence has been built and the tasks are being seamlessly carried out then it is time to let go a little more.

If you are on a budget we are happy to keep a check of this and work together to achieve optimum work at the right price.

We totally get how important your business is to you, as ours is to us and that is why we want to do our very best for you. Nobody can take away the hard work that has already been achieved, but if we can help you to grow your business and give you some time back then it a win win situation all the way round.

Vicky, Office Manager

Written by Gail

Gail, our founder, set up Virtual PA Co in 2001. These days she spends time helping some of our customers with more complex and often financial issues on an advisory basis.
October 11, 2016
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