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Virtual PA Co was started when a business consultant needed help to manage their business. In other words…

We Know Your Pain

It’s a tricky juggle trying to manage meeting venues, your travel diary, invoices and general admin whilst ensuring each client feels like they’re your priority.

Being responsive, effective and also time-efficient are all a key part of your reputation as someone who knows their stuff. Being dis-organised, unavailable, inefficient or late is not a good look for someone genuinely committed to helping others be better at all of these things. But the basics still need to be done and they still take time.

Take Your Time Back

By giving your tasks to our Virtual PA team you can recoup hours of your day by ridding yourself of the little jobs that can threaten to undermine your productivity when they turn into lots of little disruptive thoughts.

You know the ones, ‘must send that email; must book that train; must check that date’ etc. Tiny and easy on the surface, but a real distraction when you’re trying to apply your brain to the stuff that you’re best at.


Don’t worry, we are well-practised at picking up how we can help with your routine. We can start small and learn as we go, checking in with you as needed so as not to make for onerous delegation.

You’ll be amazed at how easy integrating your Virtual PA into your business can be if you can spare just a bit of thought to making it work, and we can show you how.

I have used the service of Virtual PA Co for the last few years and it has been seamless. I transfer my phone when I am with clients or out networking and have the confidence that my phone is being answered efficiently and professionally. All staff have been a joy to work with.

– Lindsey Reed

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