Can We Be a Part Of Your Story?

In my time at Virtual PA Co, more than four years now, I’ve seen many client companies come, go, stay and grow. One of the things I love and know that my team enjoys is the variety of businesses that we serve, here’s the report of current categories that many of our clients fall into:

Acupuncturist Clinic

Advertising Agency

Corporate Financier


Beauty Salon

Books/Software Facility Management

Business and Life Coach

Business Consultancy

Business Consultant

Business Continuity and Risk Management Consultants

Business Psychologist

Call Centre Technology

Care Consultancy

Catastrophe Modelling


Chartered Surveyors

Children’s Home

Christmas Decorations Supplier

Commercial Printers

Computer / Software Training

Concession Equipment To Cinemas E.g. Popcorn Etc.

Confidence Coaching

Conservatories, Loft & Garage Conversions, Windows & Doors, Flat

Consulting and Event Management

CRM Field Services Management

Data Security

Dental Nurse Professional Growth

Developing Business Consultants

Mortgages And Financial Service

Mountain Climbing Training And Assessment Courses

Non-Surgical Beauty Aesthetic

Notary Service

Nutritional Medicine Research

Online Portal Connecting Mothers With Employers

Osteopathic Clinic

Oven Cleaners

Personal Mobile Phone


Professional Services For Internet Companies

Programmes for Drivers, Passenger Assistants and Trainers

Property Investment

Property Professionals

Property Services

Provision Of Cleaning Services


Relationship Enrichment/Education & Couple Therapy

Residential Chartered Surveyors


Safe Traders Directory

Safe, secure, compliant document and file sharing

Sales And Marketing


Selling Buying Renting Properties

Smear Testing Clinic

Solicitor And Mediator

Specialist Chemicals and Products

Specialist Health Clinic

Structural Engineers

Supplier Of water purification systems

Suppliers to the outdoor catering trade

Supply And Installation Of Mobile Equipment

Supply Chain Consulting

Tailor Made Holidays

Tailoring Adventures/Holidays To Africa

Telecommunications Company

Not to mention the cruise companies, banks, estate agents, letting agents, manufacturers, retailers, farm shops and legal firms that return to us time after time when they need help on a more seasonal basis.

Across all these categories we answer calls, deal with telephone and email enquiries, close sales, book diaries, maintain systems, sort databases, take payments and in some cases post out stocks or brochures.

It makes me so proud. It’s easy to be dismissive of all that we do as virtual assistants or PAs but we do really keep our small (and sometimes large) business community going by being a solid support, doing the simple things really, really well, and in doing so giving great service and amazing value for money.

We’ve being doing this now for a decade and a half and some of our customers have been with us since the start. There aren’t many companies that can say that these days are there?

Can we be part of your story?


Written by Gail

Gail, our founder, set up Virtual PA Co in 2001. These days she spends time helping some of our customers with more complex and often financial issues on an advisory basis.
May 13, 2016
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