Call answering or call handling? Why care?

What’s the difference anyway?
If engaging a virtual PA and/or answering service is new to you, it can be daunting to know what to choose. It’s better to know the difference and be clear what you’re paying for.

Call answering
This basic service is an incredibly effective way to ensure that all your calls get picked up, or at the very least, the ones you would have missed.

We answer calls in your company name, your caller is dealt with professionally, their name and number taken and assured of a call back from yourself or your team. It doesn’t include any other details or information such as email address or invoice number, which whilst we’re often asked to take these, requires more time and to some degree expertise in handling the call. Our system picks up the caller ID where it is available and so name and number is an easier service to deliver and thus helps us keep the price really achievable for small businesses.

Call handling
A move up the ladder in terms of depth of service and business investment, but with a little investment of time it always yields a return. Move away from having to deal with enquiries or risk losing new clients between their enquiry and your call back. Engaging a call handling service, especially when it’s as personalised as ours, frees you from worry: no need to call back anyone. Their needs are dealt with instantly and our aim is to know your business well enough to satisfy enquiries, handle bookings, manage diaries and where needed, take payments.

It’s a whole new level and we realise that this can be scary for someone who’s always done all of this stuff for themselves… That’s why we’re so adept at migrating your PA into your business gently, building up trust, proving our worth to you and your clients. As our relationship deepens, you’ll come to think of your PAs as part of your own team, they’ll know you and how you work just like a direct recruit.

This takes a level of faith, commitment of time, letting go of micro-control and a desire to gain time back enough to go for it. We get this and we’re with you all the way. We prefer a gradual progression, it means we can give better, more knowledgeable service and it protects your time in the present so that we can more thoroughly protect your time in the medium to long term.

So what to do first?
That’s up to you, our service is flexible and diverse. If you’re ‘delegation ready’ then so are we. If you need a tactful, mindful transition then perhaps start with call answering, just to be sure. It won’t be long before we’re coming to you with suggestions of how we might help you better as we get to know your business and your callers. You set the pace though, this is of paramount importance to us, but we can help guide your way.

Call answering takes moments to set up, your free trial will reassure you that your calls are being picked up and the immediate notifications will inform your follow up schedule.

Call handling can be as simple as taking more information and perhaps adding details to your CRM, database or spreadsheet, or if you’re moving from another provider, we can take off from where you left off with them.

Your first move is to get in touch
Talk to us, get to know us, and go from there. You can call 01733 645007 or email and say hi at

Written by Clare Walker

Clare is our finance and operations manager, she’s been with us since 2013 and is a lynchpin of the business.
January 17, 2022
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