Is your phone stuck to your ear?

Why are you spending your valuable time answering your phone? Did you know that here at Virtual PA Co we have a team of highly trained PAs who love nothing better than answering your phone calls as if we are a member of your company.

It’s quick and simple, we can even manage your diary too – just think of all that extra free time you’ll have to either be with clients or, better yet, take some well and truly earned ‘me’ time. The options are endless!

Why not call us today to hear just how happy we are answering the phone? Let us help you – it’s what we’re here for.

Written by Gail

Gail, our founder, set up Virtual PA Co in 2001. These days she spends time helping some of our customers with more complex and often financial issues on an advisory basis.
May 4, 2017
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