Testimonial From Matt Hill, Hither Green Oven Clean

Wonderful feedback received from one of our clients. Thanks Matt!!

“I have been really impressed by the service in the time that I have been working with Virtual PA Co. They have made it incredibly easy for me to delegate all of my appointment taking.

The time this has saved me has been fantastic; plus I do not feel that my customers have suffered at all. If anything I think they probably have a more professional experience as they do not have me answering my mobile halfway through a job, or missing their call altogether and having to play phone tag for the next couple of days.

I have actually used a budget service in the past and found that it left me with more work than I started with. This has certainly not been the case with you.” – Matt Hill, Hither Green Oven Clean

Written by Gail

Gail, our founder, set up Virtual PA Co in 2001. These days she spends time helping some of our customers with more complex and often financial issues on an advisory basis.
April 14, 2016
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