The problems we solve…

Our call handling service is expressly designed to ease the path of the business person or entrepreneur by solving some familiar problems. Because we also do admin, system access and combine it with our experience and natural born initiative, we offer you so much more than just a message.

Call handling, diary management, payment taking
email handling, to-do lists, book-keeping apps

Here are just some of the problems we solve:

Lost calls, lost enquiries, lost bookings mean lost business – even if they leave a message, you still have to find a gap to call back which might even be in the evening or at weekends, it could lead to telephone tag and even then they may already have found another supplier. We can help stem the flow by picking up the calls you can’t and dealing with them, so much more than just a message.

Sketchy customer service – it can be hard to be out and about, developing new business and delivering what you’ve already sold. Being there for after sales, queries and (dare we say it) complaints is tricky to prioritise but still really important. We’ve got this for you.

You have to do everything, a jack of all trades – we know what it’s like, salesman, marketer, ops manager, finance lead, you have it all to do and it can feel relentless. We can help relieve the load.

You don’t feel able to take a break/day off/holiday – knowing you’ve got cover, a gatekeeper and that you’ll only be contacted if it’s really necessary enables you to more effectively rest, recuperate and get creative again.

You worrying – you’ve already got enough to worry about, business can be the biggest joy and the hardest job but many regard their business as their baby and worry accordingly. Knowing your marketing budget isn’t going to waste because your calls and enquiries are sorted is a huge relief.

We’re so confident in the problems we solve, the solutions we offer and benefits we bring that we’d love you to try it for free, with no obligation. Just call us – 01733 654007, or email so we can tell you more and get you going.

Written by Gail

Gail, our founder, set up Virtual PA Co in 2001. These days she spends time helping some of our customers with more complex and often financial issues on an advisory basis.
May 3, 2019
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