There’s no better feeling in business than the one you get when someone else tells you ‘We’ve got this.’ And at Virtual PA Co, we’d say there’s no better feeling in our work than being able to say that to a business owner!

It happens all the time here, because our clients know just how much we can return the investment of their time and money when they train us up to understand their business and take the time to treat us like an employee of their own. It means we can be so much more than a message taker, and for many of our clients we effectively run the front end, front of house operation – taking calls, handling enquiries, closing sales, making bookings, taking payments.

As a business owner, knowing all of that is (profitably) in hand is sure to put a spring in your step, so if we’re not already, either because your a current client making the most of us, an ex client who’s ready to return or a potential who needs a nudge to decide, please let us put a spring in yours this spring.

So delightful to recruit because we’re growing. It’s a testament to our great service which we will never compromise. Our highly personalised service is scalable because we are committed to a small number of named PAs looking after a specific range of clients.

Elisa – our latest team addition, is now taking on clients of her own and is a huge asset to our business. We are now thrilled to report we need another business lover to join us at our Peterborough office. Feel free to encourage those you know who could work full time in our area to give us a shout.

We know our clients’ reputation depends on ours and we get so much of our new business from recommendations. We know you already do it for free, but it won’t stop us adding a  £20 plus VAT credit to your account every time a fully paid up new client mentions your name.

If you or someone you know already use or are considering an alternative call answering or virtual admin service, please send or encourage them to send in their existing invoice to us, we’ll be happy to run a comparison. We know our service is so boutique it can sound expensive, but we know it is highly comparable and our charges are never hidden in an entry level promise.

If you’ve not heard of The Business Cafe, then hot foot across to their site and sign up. Then go to Facebook and join more than 2000 small business owners in a highly engaged community – The Business Cafe Global.
The plan is for The Business Cafe to roll out a network of coffee shops for business people, like a private members club but where membership is free of charge! Each coffee shop will also have a Digital menu and a team of Digital Friends available – again all free – to help with onboarding and supporting use of digital applications such as FreeAgent, Receiptbank, Sage, Xero and amongst others…

Written by Gail

Gail, our founder, set up Virtual PA Co in 2001. These days she spends time helping some of our customers with more complex and often financial issues on an advisory basis.
April 26, 2018
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