Why is it so hard to delegate to a Virtual PA?

You know you need the help, there is stuff you would dearly love not to have to do, and you know there is a virtual assistant who could pick up the lot. How good would that be? So why aren’t you doing it?

Trust/control – I worry that they’ll screw it up, if you want a job doing well, do it yourself.

Know-how – I’ve got no idea how to hand it over, they’d probably know more than me on that score.

Money – It’ll cost an arm and a leg and no way am I paying.

Time – It’s quicker for me to do it myself.  By the time I’ve talked someone else through it, I could have had it done.

Which are you?  Any?  None?  Something else?  Already delegating? If so, congratulations, full respect, you’re no doubt enjoying the benefits of being able to focus more on the things you are good at and like doing best.

But if you’re not, then what can you do?

Or what can we do to help you let go and enjoy the benefits of delegation?

Trust/control – Shop around, talk to virtual assistants, go and see them (our office is always open and the kettle is always on), talk turkey and let them reassure you. A problem shared is a problem halved and if they’re worth their salt, they’ll be able to help you hand over.

Know-how – See above, it’s okay to turn up and say that this is new for you. In this instance you help each other; your virtual assistant will have experience of lots of things, but remember that your business is new to your virtual PA. Indulge yourself as you tell your story and share your passion.

Money – Often the costs will be on a per minute or an hourly basis. Try not to think bottom up, but top down. If you had to employ someone, you’d be talking certainly hundreds and if full time, into four figures per month. Think also about what you’re losing (sales-wise) by doing the menial tasks yourself.

Time –  Preparation is always the key to delivering the best results, it’s always a good rule to go by, the same is true in getting the best from your employees (virtual or not). Prepare your brief or training; be clear in what you want, how you want it and when you want it. It will pay off, because time begets time, and if you can just push the pause button and think about what you need, you’ll get the time back time after time after time.

Delegation is hard, almost 80% of the businesses in the UK barely delegate at all, we’ll bet that all of them could benefit from the services of a virtual assistant and there are thousands of them out there, ready and waiting to help out and help your business grow.

At Virtual PA Co we can help with admin of any kind, social media, credit control, crm, data entry, accounts packages and call answering. Help us to help you let go. Call us on 01733 297580 or email vicky@virtualpa.co.uk

Written by Kerinder

Kerinder has been with us for almost half our life! As our longest-serving senior PA, she knows all there is to know about being an amazing Virtual PA and is our go-to for a calm head and a steady hand.
February 20, 2015
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