Call answering or Call handling?

Many of our clients come to us with a simple requirement – call answering, it’s all they want. Is this you? Name, message and telephone number, that will do. Well, we can do that, for sure. We will answer your calls in your company name, in a professional but friendly manner, take the message and a number and forward it on instantly or via a summary at the end of the day, or both. It’s a great help to business owners who know they are going to get less interruptions as they go about their daily business.

For others, increasingly, call handling is what they need. A more in-depth service which enables you to train your named PA in how to deal with your clients and callers, perhaps make bookings into your diary software, even take payments or issue directions or details about your business, deal with and reply to emails.

For some clients, our teams are their entire front of house, and sometimes their entire operation too. Add our admin service to your call handling package and you’ve got yourself a whole team, for a fraction of the price of one single salary, handling your clients and relieving you of any front line support so you can focus on product development and strategy and what you’re best at.

We believe if you delegate you can grow. Our founder, Gail Thomas, does too, she wrote a book on it: The Gift of Time. How delegation can give you the space to succeed. You can get a copy with a discount if you go to this link and enter code VPA at the checkout.

Meantime, if you need the time to read it, why not try our call answering service so you don’t get interrupted? Talk to us on 01733 297580 or email us at

Written by Kerinder

Kerinder has been with us for almost half our life! As our longest-serving senior PA, she knows all there is to know about being an amazing Virtual PA and is our go-to for a calm head and a steady hand.
August 7, 2015
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